Sunday, September 15, 2013

3.1 and Done

So...  who survived the launch?  Were you up in the wee hours of the night, clasping your Diet Coke or beer, waiting for Target's website to quit showing "Preview" and finally go live?  Or did you sleep in 'til 6:00 AM and rouse yourself to line up at your local store?  Or, um, both?  Like I did (granted, I didn't get up til 9:30 AM).  I had sworn I was only gonna do the online shopping.  But, my curiosity got the best of me, and I drove to the downtown flagship to see how nuts things were.  Honestly, while it was busy, it wasn't the insanity I'd heard about at other stores.  And I got a closer look at the items "in real life."

Here are a few shots of my shopping adventure "in person"...  (No one needs to see the online version, my tired face lit up like a virtual ghost at 2AM thanks to the laptop screen).

Yes, the leather jacket was in the store.  I only spied two of them.  So I tried this one on.  It's technically navy-colored, but I like that it can masquerade as black in certain lighting.  The material is also very thin - some people don't like that.  It didn't deter me.  The fit's a little boxy, though.  Excuse my otherwise schlubby outfit.
Here's the blue sparkle dress (blingy stuff limited to one side).  It's a fairly straight fit, and I'm debating whether it works for me.  I suspect the black rendition might fare better.  One plus - pockets!

Dudettes, I do not know what compelled me to go for the camo sweat pants.  In my normal world, I'd swear them off like overcooked cauliflower, but somehow, I love them.  Don't ask.  Iffy on the peplum top, but I'm trying to be friends with the style.  And I promise not to leave the house in this particular ensemble.

The bags!!!  Satchels, totes, and crossbody purses are predicted to be the favorites.  The little guy in the middle is considered a "unicorn" among the many fashion boards on Facebook.  Luckily, I found the last of two in my store.  Along with some more masculine (but very nice) travel kits - good Christmas presents!
That's my stash (so far...  waiting for the online goodies to arrive).  What looks good to you?  Did you grab some of the same stuff?  Or were you all about the "Boom" items?  They do have a nice Lichtenstein-y vibe, but they aren't really my style, so I'm happy to see them go to more appreciative fans.  Guys, what's your impression so far?  They offer a decent array of men's clothing, a pair of shoes, and a bag I've heard is big enough to fit your car.
You'll have to let me know your thoughts on this latest round.  In the meantime, I need to decide what stays and what doesn't make the cut.  And wait for the rest of my stuff.
Images:  my own



Sunday, September 8, 2013

3.1 on 9.15

If it's September, it must be...  time for another Target collaboration?? 

Appropriately timed to fall on the heels of the two year Missoni madness anniversary, Tar-zshay is just one week away from unleashing its latest shopping frenzy - a partnership with designer darling Phillip Lim.  The anticipated collection offers clothing and accessories for both ladies and dudes (and I should note the men have a fairly wide selection this time).

Here's what I'm eyeing...

I love the material layering but am curious to see how this drapes and what the back looks like.


I have a soft spot for leather (or pleather/vegan/whatever-it's-called) jackets. 


Digging the color-blocking, but I'm not sold on the cut of the top.  The bag, however, is kinda cool.


Again, love the purse.  The pattern on this shirt is cute, but I look like a dork in button-downs.

Love the dress and the simple detailing at the collar.  Quietly elegant.

Once more - I'll take the bag and let the others scoop up the separates.

Great dress - would love to see it on a model?

Happy to see that cute pattern again on an equally cute sleep set.

More sparkle!  Also, trying to not automatically assume that peplum and I can't be pals.  I'll have to try this on to find out.

I suspect this cute ensemble is getting a lot of online love, the inclusion of a lovely baby blue being a solid reason.  Sadly, since the coat has epaulets, I have to pass (for whatever reason, my small-boned body has linerbacker-wide shoulders).

One of the men's looks - I'd totally steal the bag and jacket.


With this new collab just days away from launching, are you on the latest crazy train?  I've seen friends posting their wish lists on Pinterest and celebs like Jessica Alba sporting the goods from a preview party.  What pieces are you coveting?  Have you already got your alarm clock set and a shopping game plan in place?  Or are ya hitting the snooze button and letting the NFL deal with any "strategery?"
Happy Sunday!
Avec models -
Sans models -
**If you're saying "Who-point-what Phillip-Huh?" then check out Refinery 29's dedicated article.  Sure, you can opt for the slideshow, but if you're mildly impatient like me, it also lets you see all thumbnail images at once (and click on them).  Here you go.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Right Here, Right Meow

Now that our local celebration of cat videos has gone national and even international (Derry, Northern Ireland...  really!), I have to ask...  Who attended the Walker Art Center's 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival?  Unfortunately, I did not brave the crowds at the Minnesota State Fair this year to witness Grumpy Cat, Li'l Bub, and all the other "cat"-enders.  Luckily, I did hang out with 10,000 of my closest pals on the Walker's hillside last year to check out Henri, Nyan Cat, and my fellow festival-goers (including a number of fairly unimpressed IRL cats and their more enthusiastic owners).  See my review here.

While I missed out on this year's hilarity, I did make up for it by scoring this sweet number the other day:

Perfect for Summer-into-Fall, roomy yet flattering, and adorned with felines...  this shift dress won't fill the void of missing the Roomba Shark Cat doing some big-screen collisions, but it makes a great addition to my wardrobe.  I'll be sure not to pair it with either of these, though:

Or probably these:

If you did make it to one of the many cat video fests, you'll have to tell me how you liked it.  What was your favorite kitty?  Video?  Any crazy outfits at your gathering? 

Not a big fan of Mr. Whiskers?  What's your favorite fashion animal?  Maybe you love Marc by Marc Jacobs' mouse shoes (like mine above).  The Jason Wu owl?  The See by Chloe critters?  Or just a great, unique design not attached to a brand?  I've got many local artists' renditions of characters from the animal kingdom.  Except the whole nautical thing - squid, jellyfish, etc.  That craze I do not get.  But hey, I'm content to be the crazy cat lady who, for the record, owns no cats.  Yet.

Images:  my own