Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Happened to Fall?

Since the last Target collab, the seasons changed.  And then they changed again.  Pretty much within a month.  We enjoyed a few weeks of crisp autumn weather, and then the temperatures plummeted, the sleet hit, and the snowflakes have appeared.  It's kind of a frustrating time of year for those of us around here.  We're still smarting from a very delayed start to the summer - I was shoveling snow in May while the rest of the country was bragging about 80 degrees.  I even had to wait til mid-June to watch the very last of a huge snow pile melt away like the Wicked Witch.

There's no denying winter is right around the corner (sneering and giggling like the mean kid who's just waiting to pelt you with an iceball).  I sighed tonight as I pulled out my gloves and lightweight wool coat that, back when I called Texas home, qualified as the "hardcore winter" staple.

But...  there is a bright spot in the rapidly shortening days.  With the changing of the seasons comes the transitioning of the wardrobe.  And it never hurts to add a few new pieces to the mix.  Here's what looks good to me:

More suitable for September in these parts, this whole ensemble is still awesome (down to her sharp shades).  However, it's the red wellies that will keep my feet dry during the cold November rains (cue Axel here).  Paired with fleece socks, they'll allow me to stomp my way through the snow/slush/ice blahs that will soon follow.
I pretty much live in a rainbow of J. Crew wool pencil skirts.  Apparently I don't have this rosy hue, though!
And the all-important down coat...  So lightweight, and so much a lifesaver for virtually 5 months of the year here.  I bought this one in black a couple of Decembers ago and love it.  Why not add a second one to the rotation?  And in this great "screw you, old man winter" color?
As you can see, I'm a big fan of the "R" in ROYGBIV, and not just because it'll make me stand out in a seven foot snowdrift.  Is there a go-to color for you that helps you get through the cold months?  Or do you have a favorite scarf?  Pair of Uggs?  What piece of clothing or accessory brightens your overcast January mornings?  Do tell.
Happy almost-November!
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