Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DVF = Dressing Very Fabulously

As I've been trawling my retail sites, I've become smitten with a whole bunch of recent offerings by fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg.  Yes, she of the classic wrap dress.  But, oh, there's a lot to love besides that iconic style.  Lots.

Here are some pieces I sure wouldn't mind snagging...  Starting with this simple yet lovely stunner in red (my favorite color):

A beautiful pine-green number:

Are those colors giving you a Christmas-is-only-185-days-away anxiety attack?  Researchers claim that blue calms the frazzled shopper's nerves:

I enjoy the blush color of this little dress:

It comes in a fun pattern, a la Tory Burch, as well:

The Grecian-draping of this dress is quite nice.  Unfortunately, I'm not 5'10"+, so I would drown in this one:

For whatever reason, button downs and I don't really get along.  I have the worst time with them!  But I'd give this one a chance:

OK, this one is a little over the top for me, but I love the unabashed glamour of it.  Not really your "wear-to-work" staple.  Hmm, maybe bringing glamour to the jobsite isn't such a bad thing.  Complicates using the port-a-potty, though ;)

Because that is how I would *totally* walk around a place like this:

(Yes, I'm joking.  Maybe.)

This cute dress popped up recently on Shopbop's site (which is where virtually all these fab DVF dresses magically appeared):

Not content to rely on Shopbop alone, I went straight to the source and scoped the DVF website as well, where she's got her vintage print collection available.

Remember this print from an earlier post?

Yep - from her website.  And yep, bought it.

You know, I have to say I'm likin' the color and pattern clash of this outfit:

And finally, Diane's designs expand beyond the closet to the dinner table:

I can't believe Diane's (and pretty much everybody else's) pre-fall collections are coming out already.  Sheesh, it's not even July yet.  Give me a chance to enjoy my summer duds (and summer weather)!  It's a short season we Northerners have to run around in something other than down coats and Hunter wellies.

In closing, I'm super duper excited because I just booked our trip to none other than New York flippin' City - yay!!!  I haven't stomped around NYC in over 10 years, so there's a lot of ground to walk, cocktails to sip, delicious and oh-so-not-nutritious foods to savor - and of course - boutiques to visit!

And if I might ask you a favor, if you're familiar with the current scene, please do share your favorite spot for food/booze/shopping/sight-seeing!  The best recommendations come from the locals :)  I'll be sure to post my 2nd city recap (Denver being the first) once I am back.

Til then!

P.S.  How did I know that Christmas is under 200 days away, lurking, lurking?  Thank this website.  I'm not sure if it's good or just plain scary that page exists.  I shudder to think of the day they combine the start of Christmas shopping with Back-To-School...  They've already taken over Halloween!

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