Monday, July 22, 2013

The Nordstrom Sale: Part One

So, how did we fare now that the Nordstrom sale has gone fully public?  Did you get a couple things your heart couldn't ignore?  Go a little crazy?  Or pass altogether?  Here's what I picked up:

Yep, that skirt in the previous post...  it's mine.  Flares out a little more than the catalog image, but it's a great, not-so-basic basic.  Can't wait to wear it this Fall.  And of course, that Rebecca Minkoff pouch spoke to me!  One very pleasant surprise?  These oxblood Ivanka Trump heels.  Already noted as one of this autumn's leading hues, I adore pretty much anything red.  But I'd never bought from this brand before.  Not only did this style and color come in a Narrow (I have pencil feet and have sadly cast aside many cute but slippy pumps), but they're comfy!  No, I mean it.  Even though these don't rock a nice platform, the 3 3/4" height didn't make my feet cry.  I even test ran them throughout the day at work, including a trip to the cafeteria.  In fact, they went right to an al fresco happy hour.  Typically, I swap out my heels for Skechers when I leave work, but heck no!  Not today.  I was that impressed.  And here's another photo that does the shimmery, jewel-tone more justice:

Lovely new acquisition, yes?  And a lot cheaper than the higher-end designers, where you sometimes have to venture for stylish comfort.

I did order a couple other items and am awaiting their arrival on my doorstep.  But 'til then, you'll have to let me know if you participated in the sale.  I'd love to hear about what snuck into your shopping bag (or online cart) and why you couldn't resist!

Images:  my own

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Like Christmas in July...

With summertime in full force, it’s hard to think about a crisp autumnal breeze and the fashion that goes with that time of the year.  I’m still digging through my wardrobe and tossing tank tops, sandals, and other “new” finds from the back of the closet onto my “wear to work this week” pile.  How in the heck can I entertain thoughts of tweed and equestrian boots, when all I want to do is give my sundresses a glimpse of that weird, bright orb in the sky?

Although the arrival of the September issues are still a ways off, good old Nordstrom mailed me their equally anticipated Anniversary Sale catalog last week.  Glossy pages packed with things that make me both smile and shudder.  The former caused by, well, my love of clothes.  The latter due to the fact that summer took its sweet-a** time getting to this part of the country.  And so, this annual reminder of colder temps isn’t welcome quite yet.  Unlike some of y’all, I have 7+ months to enjoy the finer comforts of cashmere, wool, and down.

Regardless of the weather, I cannot resist the power of this little booklet.  What’s funny is that, as I pored over all the photos of perfect little ensembles, it made me recall my days as a kid at Christmastime.  I’d get the JC Penney’s catalog and naturally bypass a vast majority of the thing to get to the toys.  As I flipped past the endless pages of “grown-up crap” (AKA, clothes), I’d think to my 10 year-old self, “Pfffttt!  Bo-ring!”  And proceed straight to the Barbies.  Now I can appreciate those decidedly “old people” sections.  But, I digress…

Here are a few catalog ensembles that caught my eye:


 Love the moto jacket especially.

 Again, I went right for the leathery skirt.  Perfect color for Fall, too.
Loving the overall look here.  Classic and preppy.  Ain't nothin' wrong with that.



I adore Nordstrom.  It’s the only reason I venture to the Mall of Insanity anymore.  And I know there are many other fellow Nordie’s girls (and guys!) out there.  Have you earmarked a few pages as well?  What looks good?  Of course, it’s hard to not drool over all the shoes!  But their selection of clothes is solid, and I even circled a couple of the “workout” items, since I’m on an exercise kick now (har-har).  Also, if you're all in for this sale, are you planning to shop in-person or online?  Or both?  Got a favorite designer in mind?  For those with Early Access privileges, have you already done sufficient damage?  Please share.  It would be nice to know I'm not the only person who considers this the "other" most wonderful time of the year ;)






Images:  #1 is my own, the remainder are from Nordstrom’s website

Monday, July 1, 2013

Seventeen Again

Summer is here.  Which means retailers are already starting to tease us with Fall Fashion Previews (yes, I had to capitalize all those important words).  J. Crew sent out such an email with this image:

Hard to think about accumulating more sweaters and woolly items when a good part of the country is scorching in triple-digit heat.  But, you know, fashion could care less about temperatures.  Anyway, all the colors and patterns made me think of old Benetton ads, back from, um, the late 1980's.  This compelled me to dig out my old stash of Seventeen magazine clippings.  And while I couldn't find what my brain recalled from Benetton, I did find this gem that pretty much tells the same story:

Holy high school!  Everything old is new again, right?  I remember how much I loved these ensembles.  And I'm pretty positive I'm quickly becoming "that" old person who whines that today's music/fashion/kids/insert-whine-of-choice-here just isn't like it "used to be."  Seriously, my current stash of Lucky magazines (and I do love them) just doesn't instill in me the same excitement as this publication did while I was sporting braces and purple mascara.

And while we're yapping about younger versions of ourselves, certain people will especially get a kick out of this artifact:

I found plenty of other pictures of Hollywood stars that made me just smile and exclaim, "Wow!  Look at her!"  Then I'd groan, "Dang, that was a long time ago" and promptly reach for the tequila.

With the stash from the past uncovered, I'll plan to pepper my blog with some highlights throughout the summer.  With the release of the always highly-anticipated September Issue from Vogue, it seems fitting to remember the ridiculous giddiness I felt when Seventeen's Back to School issue landed in the mailbox.  Who was your favorite celebrity to grace the pages of your teenage mags?  And what clothing brand or store brings you right back to the start of high school?  

Images:  (1) J. Crew, (2 & 3) Seventeen Magazine