Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bad Timing. Good Timing.

Just coming up for a short breath of air to let you know that this latest absence is due to crazy (but good) life changes (no, I'm not preggers!).  Said change has been taking up pretty much every waking hour for the last couple of weeks.  That's the bad timing.

The *good* timing has to do with the last post (btw, the 1989 throwback just happens to be my 89th post on here - it's hard to contain your excitement, I know).  My parents recently sent me a big ol' package (more like a bunch of boxes) of my high school and college junk.  Oh, and what glorious garbage it is!  J. Crew magazines from 1995!  Mirabella magazines (I totally forgot about that one)!  And...  Seventeen magazines - including one with Cameron Diaz's youthful face gracing its cover, and for sure some Bonne Bell and Unisa ads within.

Photos forthcoming.  In the meantime, is there anything from your high school or college years that you still cling to?  Why can't you bear to part with these things?  Bonus points if it's anything as ridiculous as my aging subscriptions.

Alrighty.  Time to slip below the surface again.  See you soon!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin'


That's right, it's the first of April.  Also known as April Fool's Day.  Lucky for you, I'm too lazy to come up with some witty joke to play on you guys.  But I did enjoy Refinery 29's homepage "har har" today!  Take a look at who's on their "cover":

Experience more flashbacks, including news and celebrity shots, here.  Or just be glad you're too young to recall that decade.

This is perfect timing, really, because when I checked the Swatch watch Facebook page today, they were showing off their newest pics, submitted by their loyal fans.  I am so tempted to send them this:

Look, ma, it's a Swatch cast!  I jest, I jest.  Minus a couple watches that are hiding from me at the moment, this is my beloved Swatch collection, none later than 1987 (I think).  Some have been in my possession since the days of dodgeball, pre-algebra, and listening to Prince's Purple Rain cassette.  And a few are eBay acquisitions.  Love 'em all!  I promise I'm not about to torch them (or my arm) - that would be a very bad April Fool's prank, for multiple reasons.

Did you collect the 80's Swatches, too?  Still have any?  Was there one you were "just dying for" but your silly parents wouldn't budge?  Maybe you, um, wore your Swatches around your ankles in high school (like I did)?  Or stuck one of the Pop-Swatches into your Ocean Pacific tee?

Let me know!  In the meantime, I'm going to pull out my old Electric Blue perfume and give it a couple good spritzes :)


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