Saturday, August 25, 2012

The September Stack

Yep, I made it.  I'm still alive and officially "over the hill."  Eh.  Feels the same as a week ago.

I've spent the last week recovering from multiple days of birthday fun, thanks to DH.  And, as I had hoped, that weekend was filled with great friends, good food, and - of course - bourbon.  I did leave the fancy shoes at home, though.

Luckily, my R&R period coincided nicely with the release of several September issues from various magazines.  Here are the ones I picked up:

Hefty enough to replace my free weights and thicker than a pile of term paper resources, I'm still leafing through each issue.  Not one to read straight from cover to cover, instead I enjoy bouncing between magazines and randomly turning to a page.  I'm probably only a quarter of a way through the stack, but the images don't disappoint.

So far, I'm delighting in the return of red (oxblood and burgundy being the popular picks), those baby blue pointe shoes in the Gap ads, black leather in classic cuts, the newest Nick Cave creations, and those McQueen visors (think I'd turn any heads wearing those to work?).  Gwen Stefani graces Harper's cover, and I have always admired her style, so it's been fun to read about her as well.  And, Lucky about killed me with this:

As if I needed any more kindling for the cloffice bonfire I'm slowly building on Pinterest!

What has caught your eye so far in the overwhelming sea of stylized ads, clothes, and accessories?  Did I miss a vital mag (I don't need advice on dating, how to lose weight in 2 days, or what men really want, thanks, so we can skip those types)?

I'd love to hear which skirts, satchels, boots, celebrity shots, or articles earned an earmark from you...

#1 - my own
#2 - my own snap of Lucky Magazine's photo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cinderella (Wo)man

So.  I've got a birthday coming up.  A big one.  One that sort of makes you reflect on where you are in life and where you'd like to go.  My friends have asked how I plan to celebrate, and I've replied my husband is in charge of that :)  Then they ask if I'm going to treat myself to something special.  Kind of a no-brainer, isn't it?

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to say, "Oh, I've wanted that forever.  Ta-da!  Mine!" And I usually find something nice to ring in another year closer to wrinkles, an AARP membership, and the realization that calling someone a cougar is now glass houses (age-wise, not in terms of habits, I swear).  However, I don't recall having ever splurged on a luxury item to mark the occasion.

Til this year.  But like I said, it's a big ol' birthday, so I might as well kick things up a notch (to match my cholesterol count).  I happened upon my present-to-self by accident.  One of the local resale boutiques posted a picture of some fabulous shoes online.  And I mean fab.  So I called and asked if they were still available.  The lady said yes and then explained the reason they hadn't sold immediately was due to how narrow they ran.  Many potential buyers had tried to cram their feet into the so-called glass slippers, but alas, no one had lucked out yet.  Honestly, they were a half-size larger than I usually wear, and in my old age, I swear my feet have shrunk half an inch in length.  Like my overall height, dammit.

Anyway, I figured I'd stop by and give the gorgeous shoes a shot.  And guess what...

Yeah.  They kinda fit.  The saleslady was amazed.  I was amazed.  And I did the math:  random Facebook sighting + new shoes, never worn, turned in because first buyer gave up on narrowness + OMG they fit = meant to be!  Actually, I walked away from them the first time I tried them on (chanting to myself, "I do not need a pair of shoes, I do not need a pair of...").  When I called back 3 days later to learn they were still there, sad and still waiting for a good home (obviously I've read Corduroy way too many times)...  done deal.

Were they cheap?  Define cheap.  Were they cheaper than retail?  Yes, by a decent amount.  Besides a few scuffs on the soles (from the aforementioned other ladies), the shoes are in pristine condition.  The resale boutique is fairly strict in what it will take, so I basically scored new shoes for half the price.  Happy birthday to me!  My husband was with me when I first tried them on and about gagged when he spied the discounted price.  My girlfriends, of course, had a completely different reaction.  Need a closer look to understand why?

Mais oui!  Funny that I had stopped in their store in Vegas this Spring and snapped a photo of their Paris boutique a few months ago:

I certainly didn't foresee owning such an iconic pair.  But, well, now I do.  Thanks to my bird feet that fit the slippers.  And I have to say, I do feel like Cinderella.  It's rare that I get personal (and mushy) on here, but as an adoptee given an amazing second chance at life by a loving family, I've been extremely lucky.  I'm grateful for all that I have.  Shopping and having stuff is a very fortunate position to be in, but my family, husband, friends, health, and all the fun/quirky/dorky interests that I love are so much more important.  Each passing year only reinforces the feeling of gratitude.

How have you celebrated a milestone birthday?  Did you buy something super nice?  Or was spending the day with your family and friends luxury enough?  Or, like me, are you indulging in both?  If my big day includes great people, my new shoes, good food, and some bourbon, I'm a happy old lady.

See you on the other side of the hill :)

P.S.  While I don't have a fairy godmother per se, I do have an earthly one, and I was excited to see her last weekend, for the first time in close to 15 years.  She's a native Norwegian and funnier than heck - lucky to have her, too.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Defying Gravity, Logic, and Probably Common Sense

I love shoes.  LOVE them.  Actually, I wasn't always a big accessories nut, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years ago, I caught the fever.  And my closet hasn't been the same since.  However, I still find some serious head-scratchers online or in-store.  You know, ones where you laugh to yourself and go, "Really?!"

When I saw this very interesting pair on Shopbop's website recently, I totally snarked.  I mean, come on:

Holy Hannah, how'm I supposed to walk in those things without pitching forwards (or backwards or sideways) in this architectural conundrum?  Created by Giuseppe Zanotti, I'm not surprised by the bold design, and I am partial to the lovely dark red color.  But, even with a 2" platform, these babies stack up with a 6" heel-less heel.  Here's a true side shot, just in case the first image didn't fully convey the tottering potential:

Try walking into a room full of construction dudes wearing these (I'm guessing my fellow architect and engineer coworkers would marvel at the aesthetic and structural design...  "Do you think that cantilever is sufficient?  Is that a point load?"  Oh, good times...).

Apparently, I'm not the only person who made a face and wondered if anyone can accomplish that feat known as walking, at least in these shoes.  Neiman Marcus dutifully created a video and commentary to try and ease my suspicions.  Their take?  Yep, it can be done.  Carefully.  Read about their "test" here.  You can also peek at some other designs, all sans heel.

I'd suggest shying away from the booze if you're going to attempt pulling off this stunt.  Swollen ankles are not fashionable.  And I'm guessing there'd be some scraped knees and elbows to boot.

What do you think of this creation?  And would you wear it?

Giuseppe Zanotti shoe images -

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday WTH


And I'm not asking if you think math sucks, too.