Tuesday, May 31, 2011

News of the Weird... And Some Normal Stuff, Too

As I attempt to catch up on all the emails that are running amok in my inbox, I've been coming across some good stuff besides all the "new arrivals" of clothes and accessories.  These are mostly little fashion news tidbits.  Since I'm sure the holiday weekend (for my fellow USA'ers) has left us all tired, sufficiently BBQ'ed (um, not literally of course), and laaazy, I decided I'd be short-ish and sweet today, sharing a few of my finds.

To start, a new retailer has started sending me emails.  This isn't unusual, and I'm sure retailers are sharing my address with each other in hopes of netting some of my cash.  Scottsdale, Arizona-based Lindsay Lou sells your typical boutique-y fare:  knits from Vince, cute frocks by Amanda Uprichard, and the clothes from Jen's Pirate Booty that still make me say,"Aaaarg!  Who the heck wears that?"

I had thought LL was independent, until I saw their email image on another retailer's site.  By the way, the image wins its own award for "WTH?"  I suppose they were going for sexy.  With a pretzel.  I just think it's creepy.  With a pretzel.

Here's LL's:

And here's the one from Singer22, which calls New York state home:

Boy, again, the pictures kind of ick me out.  Maybe there'll be a good ol' catfight between the retailers for image rights.  Or not.  I did check the "About Us" for each store and don't see a mention of associated stores.

OM Records, a great music label which specializes in tunes with a groovy beat (electronica, dance, hip-hop), has released a new CD that caters to the yoga crowd.  Partnering with San Fran-based Yoga Tree studio, the music is geared to accompany vinyasa/flow practices.  As someone who almost always likes to work out to tunes, I'm curious to check this out.  Might help me quit cursing the instructor for the 110th downward dog while I'm supposed to be all about peace and serenity (NOW :)

Obviously, I was tired when I glanced at this email from Lord & Taylor.  As I quickly looked over the outfit, I thought the two shoes on the left were a pair and couldn't for the life of me figure out what that salmony-colored flat was for.  So I decided it was for throwing at people.  Right?  (I'd use it).  Did I mention this weekend put me in a food-coma?  A food-coma that has apparently rendered me color-blind?

Mmm, speaking of food, Gilt Groupe has launched its epicurean-focused website.  Yeah, that's all I need.  Fashion and food regularly vie for the #1 spot in my cholesterol-clogged heart.  Here's a shot from the homepage.

They already get points for having their own "cheese & dairy" category.

And last but OMG-so-not-least, jewelry from cat hairballs.  That's right.  Someone found inspiration from something most people find, um, disgusting?  I'm not sure whether to thank or hack on Refinery29 for sharing the love.  Judging from the severely underwhelmed expression on Mr. Whisker's face, he (or she) also finds the products a bit...  odd.  Read all about it here.

Talk about organic and sustainable fashion.  Heh heh.


Well, I can barely keep my eyes open anymore.  Time for me to toddle (or maybe waddle) off to bed (nope, I'm not about to nap at noon - I write the bulk of these on the previous night and do some last-minute next-day editing before posting...  just what you were dying to know ;)


Image credits:  images are credited by associated websites mentioned (yes, I'm also too lazy to write the list)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back From the... Well, Not the Dead, So Maybe the Lazy?

Hey there.  Remember me?  Yeah, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.  Indeed, it’s been awhile.  A crazy Spring here.  And all of a sudden, summer is here.

No, really, it's here.  See?

Not a pathetic, half-melted snow mound in sight...  but a few storm clouds are visible (seems these days we can't get a weekend without severe weather).

I digress.

So, I had considered launching back into the blog by bringing up a couple of heftier topics…  Asian models being all the current rage and the social/cultural implications that it raises…  The whole eating/shopping/whatevering “local” movement and really, what does that actually mean?

Then I decided that all I really wanted to do is show you more stuff that I like.  Things I’ve seen over the last few months.  Clothes.  Images from retailers.  Same ol’ drill.  The problem with starting into a discussion about the weightier themes is that, well, it kind of opens up a can.  A good can, I do believe.  But it steers away from what this blog is about…  liking stuff.  Of course, you can like things that make you think instead of making you simply drool.  It’s good for you, really, to make that hamster in the wheel known as your brain do some exercise.

For now, however, a month-plus of inactivity calls for gentler efforts.  And perhaps I’ll bring back the other topics later.

With no real rhyme or reason, this is what’s been “gefaelling mir” during my absence:

First off, check out these great Tory Burch espadrilles.  They come in other color combinations, but the architect in me is attracted to that OSHA yellow and army green striping.  Hey, at least I’d stand out at the job site, right?

Tory also has a mini-messenger bag I’ve been coveting for over the last half year.  Black is such a basic yet elegant staple color.  It also converts to a clutch, which makes it even more drool-worthy.

Diane von Furstenberg, she of the famous wrap dress fame, launched a vintage print collection earlier this winter.  I like this one…

And speaking of dresses, gotta love this Milly dress.  While it looks notoriously high-waisted, in person the waist sits a little lower.  I enjoy the mixture of colors, pattern and texture, all wrapped into a neat little work option.  Note:  I’m short-waisted, so I typically steer the hell clear of dresses with the whole “empire waist” style, a few exceptions being a grey Anthropologie dress I’ve worn to death and a nice belted Banana Republic work dress that I pair with a shrug.

Somewhat similar to the Milly dress is this lacy but not too lacy dress from Beth Bowley.  The simple but classic styling reminds me of good ol’ Tory Burch, too.  Work!  Brunch!  Weddings!  This dress could do it all.

Summertime means the return of white jeans.  For whatever reason, I’m partial to Citizens of Humanity’s offerings, and these Avas will pair well with a variety of tops, plus the straight-leg styling of the Avas work best for me instead of bootcuts, cropped and skinnies.  I’m not even going to mention jeggings (or jorjeggings – yeah, not only is this an actual word, it’s an actual item).  Anyway, here are the Citizens:

From white jeans, I bring you to a fabulous white dress (with patterns) that screams Summer.  It might also scream Tennis Match!  Or, um, Confused Decade Dress?  The voluminous skirt seems to recall what I think the 50’s would look like, the color scheme and styling feels like tennis, but in the 20’s?  (Remember when I said I’m not a fashion historian?).  Well, whatever era it make you think of, I just think it’s a great dress for sipping cocktails on a patio surrounded by lush greenery.  Once again, the designer is Milly.

Now, summertime up here in the Midwest does not guarantee four straight months of heat, humidity and sun.  Considering it took summer so dang long to get here, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a “cold spell” in July with temps topping out in the 60’s for a few days.  This makes people nuts (mostly because happy time in the sun, warmth and green stuff here is short-lived compared to those of you in, well, the whole rest of the country – except maybe Fargo and Bangor, Maine).  Anyway, the cool down always feels more severe after hot weather, so we dig for jackets to carry us through the spell.  I would pick this one.  Coming from Urban Outfitters, it’s a little bit edgy campus kid, but I can still wear it to work with one of my Milly/Tory dresses.

Ever have one of those days where the less people you have to talk to, the better?  Days when that Dilbert comic strip that snorts, “I like my coworkers until they talk” rings all too true (oh, c’mon you guys, you know I love you…  I’m jus’ sayin’)?  Well, here’s the shirt for you!  It’s got a cat.  It’s got attitude.  What more do you need?

You say you want a dog?  That cats just make you sneeze?  You’re allergic to hairballs?

Here you go.  You can thank Radley London for this adorable purse.  Avec pooch.  And a seagull.

Or…  domestic pets not your thing?  Are you one of those peeps who goes gaga for anything panda?  This backpack is for wee ones, but it sure wouldn’t stop me from buying it.  Oh wait, I did buy it.  Because I’m one of those panda people.

I also love Spongebob Squarepants.  Oh, and Space Invaders a la my old Atari 2600.  So, this Nooka watch is perfect because it’s like Spongebob Invaders.  

Too bad they didn’t pepper the pattern with Sandy the Squirrel (I love Sandy because she's a karate-choppin' spazzy chick from Texas).  Or Patrick (I love Patrick because he's just Patrick).

In neighborly news, Local Motion (a boutique that offers items made both near and far) is having a fashion show at the Lexington Restaurant in St. Paul on Monday, 5/23.  Here's the e-flyer showing some cute clothes (I particularly like the middle dress:

I'm not sure what's funnier...  the melding of two cities that just love to hate each other, or the fact that young fashion is coming to the home of 5:00 prime rib dinners for the early bird crowd.  Sounds like fun.  Too bad I'll miss it.  I love the crazy decor and coconut shrimp at the Lex.

Falling asleep?  Too much stuff gefaelling Dir?  (quick German lesson, Mir = me, so Dir = you…  in the dative case…  nevermind ;)

Well, I hope this parade of recent finds makes up for over a month of being MIA.  As you can see, I’ve been e-browsing like crazy this Spring, but I fell off the blogging wagon for a bit.  Time to climb back on and get busy.  Some upcoming posts I want to share include recent food and booze finds here in the Twin Cities, patio dining favorites (now that it’s quit snowing), and just maybe taking the dangerous dip into the topics I mentioned at the start of this entry.

Seen or bought a dress, purse or other fashionable find that's got you all fired up for summer?  Please share!  (Totally shameless appeal to you international readers - I know you're reading this...  I'd love to  hear from you guys :)

Oh, crap.  Speaking of dangerous, the tornado sirens are going off.  Again.  Off to the basement I go (again)!

Happy Summer!

Photo credits:

Our friends' backyard in summer - my own
Tory Burch espadrilles - Shopbop
Tory Burch messenger bag - Tory Burch
DVF dress - Diane von Furstenberg
Milly dress - Revolve
Beth Bowley dress - Beth Bowley
Citizens of Humanity jeans - Shopbop
Milly dress #2 - Bloomingdale's
Sparkle & Fade jacket - Urban Outfitters
Wren t-shirt - Revolve
Radley purse - my own
Beatrix New York backpack - Gilte Groupe sale
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Local Motion e-flyer - Local Motion (while I would provide a link to their website, it seems to be out of date)