Monday, April 15, 2013

Sad Panda

Today's news just made me very sad today.  I have a special place in my heart for Beantown, thanks to many visits there, my childhood bestie living there for several years, plus a summer stint in Cambridge, across the "Smoots" Bridge.  I also had friends and coworkers running the Boston Marathon, and while I'm relieved to hear they are OK, we know others are not. 

Sending out prayers and love to the first city I ever visited that I did not want to leave, and to where I hope to return someday soon.

Image:  I shared this from Boston, MA's FB page.  I think they'll be OK with sharing the love here, too.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April (Snow) Showers

As I write this post, I can hear the sweet, springtime sound of:

a)  little birdies chirping in the budding trees
b)  dudes revving their motorcycles a couple blocks away along the lake
c)  warm breezes amid a thunderstorm
d)  my neighbor's snowblower

Yeah.  D.  Well, actually, sort of C, too.  Because not only did I wake this early morning to a mix of sleet and snow, but the day welcomed me with a couple bursts of lightning and a clap of thunder.  In a heavy snowfall.

So, while the rest of you are posting pics on Facebook of sunny 70 degree skies (New York) and neatly trimmed, green baseball fields (Virginia), I shoveled my front walk for like the 23rd time this winter, er, spring.

The down coat and wellies are back, after maybe 2 fleeting days of lightweight jackets and something other than boots.  Eh.  It's the Upper Midwest.

And while I'll spare you the latest wintry not-so-wonderlandy vista, I will share this with you...

Back in January, when we are supposed to get pounded with snow...  well, we got pounded with snow.  About 14" when all was said and done.  This happened shortly after the TGT/Jason Wu collab, and I had just received the gorgeous Robert Rodriguez party dress in the mail.  Holiday festivities were over, so where in the heck was I gonna wear this stunner?

You bet.

I was trying the dress on upstairs and happened to check out the ensuing storm and got this weird idea that...  gee, wouldn't it be awesome to run outside into about 8 inches (and rapidly counting) of snow and...  I don't know...  get a picture of this insane mash-up?  So, that's me, measuring the fluffy stuff, in my cocktail dress.  And Tretorns.  (My coworker - who's got some fashion opportunities of his own - commented that the boots and dress don't pair well and that I looked like an extra for Fargo or Grumpy Old Men...  I think they go together perfectly and it's just as NYC as Fargo, so there.)

Just goes to prove that you can always find an excuse to wear something, no matter the weather, or the sad excuse for a season.  And while I'd love to kick winter across five Aprils (extra credit to anyone who gets that ref), I guess there's really no reason not to trot out the summery frocks.  Just be sure to pair them with your wellies and you'll be all good.