Sunday, January 12, 2014

Trip Advisors?

Now that I have survived the polar vortex, it's feeling mighty summery today.  About 39 degrees to be exact.  But, the semi-bitter cold is planning a return visit.  So...  I've decided to make a return trip of my own.  To Los Angeles.

I spent a fabulous and frenzied 2 days in LA, back in the Fall of 2012, managing to cover a decent amount of retail territory when not asleep or at work.  I'll be plunking myself right back in WeHo, since I'll be sans car.  And will get to see a little bit of Santa Monica and Sawtelle as well this time (thanks to friends and their rides ;).  I've done a bit of research and asked my pals for recommendations for all things shoppable, eatable, and drinkable.  And I've got a nice list going, which includes the promise of bacon Bloody Marys, lobster rolls, and a lot of that circus called Melrose Ave.

However, I thought I'd ask my readers for any must-see (or gotta-eat) destinations.  Where do you love to shop, grab a bite, or enjoy a cocktail when in LA?  I'd love to hear - and even better, try it for myself.  The best travel experiences are usually a result of word-of-mouth from friends, after all!  Local favorites are much preferred to the typical chains.  I'm definitely not flying for 3 hours to hit up Anthropologie, the Apple store, or the Cheesecake Factory.  

Please feel free to share, and I'll give you a report on my trip when back!  For details on my 2012 adventure (and what caught my eye), click here.

Counting down the days,

P.S.  My enthusiasm towards the Uniqlo Heattech purchases from the last post?  Cords:  pretty good.  It was probably something like -42 degree windchill when I stepped out of the house and my legs didn't automatically freeze and break off.  Turtleneck:  mehz.  Really thin material, not really sure it worked.  I even wore it for an hour the night before to "warm it up."  Good layering piece, but it seemed as effective as my Target t-neck.  Who knows.  I'm sure I'll get another chance this winter to re-test them :(

Image:  my own from my previous LA post

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JessiferSeabs said...

I only have one suggestion: Sushi Roku in Santa Monica or WeHo. So good. Spicy Crunchy tuna. OMG. So good.